Cards Tourney organizes Euchre Tournaments when there are simply too many players to keep track of by hand.

How to Host a Holiday Euchre Tournament

Hosting an euchre tournament this holiday season doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is a group of friends who are eager to play, cards, tables, and some finishing touches to add to the festivities. How you go about it is really up to you, but here are a few basic necessities you’ll need to throw your own holiday euchre tournament at home or in a public venue.

  • A place large enough to accommodate your guests. How big or small your group is will determine this factor. Since euchre is played in groups of four, this is the most logical increment by which to invite people. This will allow all guests to play at once. If it’s not possible to have even groups of four, that’s okay. Some players will just have to wait their turn. Smaller groups may be able to fit inside your home if you have a dining room or another spacious area. Large gatherings might require that you rent a space. You can look into hosting in restaurant gathering rooms, hotel meeting areas, or even church activity rooms.
  • Make sure everyone is up to speed on how to play the game. You can do this at the start of your tournament by offering a refresher on the rules. You can also invite only those who are already knowledgeable about the game to avoid pairing new players with those who are more experienced. You might also extend an open invitation to players in your community, even if you don’t know one another directly.
  • Since this IS a holiday tournament, add in little details to get players in the holiday spirit. Serve finger food or a holiday dinner. Set up holiday decorations like lights and ribbons. You may even do a gift swap if you are hosting your tournament with people you know personally.
  • Have everything set up ahead of time. For those who don’t want to mingle, make sure you have a set time for when the games will start so those people won’t have to wait around. Hand out score cards and other supplies before the tournament begins, and make sure to number every table before guests arrive.
  • Determine which format you will be using. Some formats have players alternate partners throughout the game. Using Cards Tourney, enter player names and print out individual player cards before the tournament starts. This way, everyone will know his or her table assignment as the games progress!

These are just guidelines, and you can add your own fun details to make the tournament truly your own. The most important thing to remember is to have fun!

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